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Marblehead announces 2018 Property Tax Rate
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The property tax rate for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 2017-June 2018) will be $11.02, just a penny higher than 2017’s $11.01.

Commercial property tax rates vary widely in Essex County
While most of us look at residential tax rates, far fewer are concerned with commercial tax rates. Yet a healthy commercial business environment can contribute significantly to the attractiveness of a town. The map shows commercial rates in each of Essex County’s 34 cities and towns, followed by a table comparing residential and commercial rates.

Marblehead’s low commercial tax rate: a great place to do business

The commercial tax rate receives less attention than the residential rate, but Marblehead has the fourth lowest tax rate. And more importantly, the commercial tax rate is much lower than that in surrounding towns.

Property tax rates 2017: Essex County town by town guide
Of the 34 cities and towns in Essex County, 22 have announced decreases in their tax rate while 12 have had increases approved.The median change was a decrease of just 0.7%.

Marblehead sets tax rate for 2017
The 2017 tax rate for Marblehead has been set at $11.01, down from $11.10 in FY2016. Before you get too excited, bear in mind that the reason the tax rate went down is that assessed values, reflecting rising prices, went up – which means that tax bills will also be going up.

Essex County property tax rates for 2016 with map
Essex County property tax rates for 2016 have been announced (except for Rockport). Here is a map (so that you can compare tax rates in neighboring towns) and the changes over the last two years, followed by my comments.

Essex County property tax rates for 2016
Of the 33 cities and towns in Essex County that have had their 2016 tax rate certified by the Department of Revenue (we are still waiting for Rockport – when that number is confirmed I will update this post), 14 have announced decreases in their tax rate while 19 have had increases approved.The median change was an increase of just 0.2%.

Marblehead’s 2016 property tax rate

The Board of Selectmen has approved a FY2016 rate of $11.10, up 2 cts from FY 2015. The average SFH tax bill will increase 4% to $7,973 based upon an average assessment of $718,342.

Will snow removal costs increase my property taxes?

What happens when snow removal costs exceed budget? Who pays? When?

Essex County 2015 property tax rates by town
Residential and commercial tax rates for each of the 34 cities and towns in Essex County for the last 4 years.

How Your Property Taxes are Calculated
A brief primer of property tax rate calculations and an estimate of the FY2016 tax rate for Marblehead.

Would you prefer an 8% property tax rate cut or no change?
It’s not the rate but the taxes you pay that matter.

Marblehead tax rate drops a penny for FY2015
A one penny decrease in the tax rate and a 4% increase in the average tax bill

Do Property Tax Rates Matter to Buyers?
The answer seems to be yes!

2014 North Shore Property Tax Rates
Town by town guide to residential and commercial rates

Marblehead’s 2014 Property Tax Rate
At $11.09 it is the third lowest in Essex County

Twenty Questions with Marblehead Assessor
All you need to know about the property tax process

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