Another great Marblehead attraction: the new Transfer Station

When my daughter was visiting from London earlier this year I wanted to show her something special about Marblehead, something that London did not possess. So I drove her around the new Transfer Station, known unofficially as the Dump.

Recently, Sustainable Marblehead organized a tour of the new Station as reported in this Marblehead Reporter article.

Do read the article, as it explains the remediation that has taken place at the site following the discovery of heavy metal soil contamination, as well as revealing that Marblehead currently recycles about 34% of its recyclable material, close to the national average, but way below San Fancisco’s 80%.

The Town’s website, by the way, explains why it is known as a Transfer Station:
Transfer StationAll the ash was left on-site until 1975. That was when the ‘dump’ became the ‘transfer station’ whereby trash was collected, then transported to other facilities for disposal via burning or landfill.

Whether you call it the Dump or the Transfer Station, it is well worth a visit and should encourage you to help raise Marblehead’s recycling rate. Sadly, impressed though I am sure she was, my daughter chose to return to London.

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