How quickly are homes selling?

Last week I published an article How quickly are homes selling in Marblehead? which included the comment:”yes, houses are selling quickly if they are attractively priced, but half the houses have been on the market for 30 days or more.”

This week, Keeping Current Matters published the chart below showing the results of an NAR survey. The headline states that, throughout the country, 50% of homes in March sold in 30 days or less.

To which I make what should be the obvious comment: that 50% of homes throughout the country took longer than 30 days to sell.

And so, I repeat what I said last week: “scan the new listings and call to make an appointment to see a house that looks like it meets your needs, but don’t ignore the houses that have been on the market for a while.

Unless you have an unlimited budget, buying a house involves some compromise between your perfect home and what you can buy, so please go and look at houses. Many people buy homes they didn’t think worked for them – until they visited them and figured out that, yes, this one would work for my family!”

If you – or somebody you know – are considering buying or selling a home and have questions about the market and/or current home prices, please contact Andrew Oliver on 617.834.8205 or Kathleen Murphy on 603.498.6817.

If you are looking to buy, we will contact you immediately when a house that meets your needs is available. In this market you need to have somebody looking after your interests.

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