Seth Moulton: let’s build the North-South Rail Link

Congressman Seth Mouton has just written this North-South Link Key to Boston Economy article in the Boston Herald.

North-South Rail Link


Rep. Moulton argues that the construction method for the Link would be entirely different from that of the Big Dig, and that both North and South Stations would continue without interruption, while the roads would stay open and uninterrupted.

Rep. Moulton quotes the new Crossrail link in London, which is 5 times the length of the North-South Link and is being completed on time and on budget (another huge difference from the Big Dig), while the Swiss have just opened the 35 mile Gotthard Tunnel under the Alps to provide a high-speed rail link between Northern and Southern Europe.

For those of us who live on the North Shore, a North-South Rail Link would provide a great boost. Please take the time to read about the proposal and become informed on the topic.

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